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My name is Anthea Kolitsas and I am the founder of Project Happy Note. I am passionate to humanise how we support and communicate with our loved ones through their toughest days.


Creating positive actions, attitudes and conversations can be challenging for those facing difficulties and those trying to help them.

Project Happy Note is here to help you and your loved one connect and communicate. Our curated, minimalist yet highly personalised gift series sparks conversations over three months.

A follow up gift arrives with the recipient at the end of the period to encourage ongoing chit-chat.

The gifts are a surprise and vary from month to month!





“I came to look forward to treatment day as I knew I’d receive my gift after. It was so tastefully done and although my family was so far during one of my hardest times it felt as though they were next to me”


“I felt so special to receive Project Happy Note and I love how it was just for me! ”


“Amazing how you turned your personal experience that will touch the lives of so many....It was exciting and I was really touched ”


''Really works! My sister was so happy.  She came straight over to my house to say thanks!''


“My subscription was so fun! It meant I didn’t need to think about my reality for a few minutes and it opened up new conversation for my family and I”


"I love that my Project Happy Note subscription included all my favourite things and was personalised"



In July 2018, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She was living in Canada and I was living in the UK. I researched what I could do from afar and wanted to bring some happiness into her life during this difficult time.  


What I began to find was that most things in the cancer gifting market were about the disease and were a constant reminder that something was wrong. As the months progressed, and with more and more treatments and appointments, I saw how cancer became the elephant in the room.


She had lost her joy in life, and her family and friends were at a loss to know what to say or how to help.

I wanted to create an experience to remind her of the things she enjoyed and to have an alternative way to talk about her situation, especially from afar.  I created small gifts and notes that I tucked away for her every day.


She anticipated daily what the gift would be and what the note would say. With every small gift and every note, mother and daughter came together in a refreshed way. Words and gifts brought joy, and because of this occurrence, Project Happy Note was born.



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